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Morning Routine to Start Your Day in a Positive Mindset

With everything going on around the world, sometimes building your own habits and patterns may help provide with some stability when coping with life’s uncertainties.

With more people working from home it is easy to fall into counterproductive habits that can lead you to feel lethargic and negative for the rest of the day. Mornings are a great way to incorporate a routine to provide the rest of the day with a more positive, clear and productive mindset.

Morning routines are personal and everyone has a different approach but here are a few ideas to reconstruct your morning routine, to set a positive approach and to prepare you for the rest of the day.

Wake up early

There are less distractions in the morning, when everyone is sleeping it is easier to focus and accomplish more.

Prep your space

  • Make the bed

  • Open the curtains and windows

  • Water your indoor and outdoor plants


Self-care usually is on the bottom of our list, and it is very easy for this step to be pushed to the side and forgotten about as it is so natural for us to think of everyone else first. Allow yourself even just 5 minutes of your 24 hour day in the morning to do something for YOU, it reminds us that we are worth giving time and focus to. Here are just a few suggestions…

  • Slow and mindful time Even just 5 minutes of slow time will allow yourself to have more of a clear mindset, if this includes yoga flow, stretching, reading, journal or meditation this will allow you to be more focused, calm and productive. See our 11 website/apps to help you find your serenity blog post.

  • Exercise As we all know exercise gets your blood pumping and releases your endorphins (the happy hormones), taking a few minutes to move is beneficial not just your physical health but also your mental and emotional health. See our Keep moving during isolation blog post for some helpful apps to get you started.

  • Skin care routine By taking the time to get ready for your day and putting a little more effort into your appearance, you are telling yourself that you are important and your day is important.

  • Nourish your body with something delicious

If this includes a delicious warm cup of freshly brewed tea, coffee, warm lemon water, smoothie or a nutritious homemade breakfast - find that item that recharges your body.

  • Keep your body hydrated It gives you an instant energy boost and replenishes your body for the day ahead.

Get productive

Write out your to do list

When you have things written down it keeps you on track for the things to do that day and keeps you productive. At the end of the day, you will feel so accomplished with all the jobs that you have achieved.

Your emotions, feelings and your environment have a huge impact on your mental health. Revise what you do every morning and if there is something that you can add or change to improve your routine then incorporate it in! Start your day with a clear mind and positive outlook to allow yourself to accomplish your daily goals.

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