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Keeping the kids safe online

Whether through choice, necessity or clear direction, an increasing number of people are staying home.

To make the best of being stuck at home, it is important to ensure you can find reliable information, stay connected with family and friends, and help your children stay safe online.

That last one can be particularly challenging, so we’ve gathered our top resources to help you keep your kids safe online!

1. eSafety

The eSafety Commissioner (eSafety) is Australia’s national independent regulator for online safety.

eSafety leads and coordinates online safety efforts across Commonwealth departments, authorities and agencies, and we engage with key online safety stakeholders internationally, to amplify our impact across borders.

2. WA Child Safety Services

WA Child Safety Services is Western Australia’s specialist provider of child safety education, including the Protective Behaviours program.

3. Think U Know

The ThinkUKnow program is a partnership between the Australian Federal Police (AFP), Microsoft Australia, Datacom and the Commonwealth Bank, and is delivered in collaboration with Police forces across the country as well as Neighbourhood Watch Australia.

It is Australia’s first (and only) nationally delivered crime prevention program, and has stacks of resources for parents trying to navigate the world of online safety with their kids.

4. National Centre Against Bullying

About one in five school-aged children are cyber bullied in any 12-month period. The effects of this type of bullying on young people today cannot be underestimated.

As most houses have multiple online devices, it makes it very hard for a young person to escape the negativity when at home. 

The National Centre against Bullying has tips on how to prevent and respond to cyber bullying

5. Family Online Safety Institute

This website has loads of easy to read articles and things to help you navigate the world of online gaming, and social media.

Aimed at upskilling parents and not just informing, it's easy to intake in the information so you can take practical steps in your home.

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