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Coping with COVID-19 and Looking Forward with Cr Terry

This Covid-19 period has provided our family the opportunity of spending more time with our daughter Juliette. She is almost 4 and VERY active, as most 4 year olds are😊

It’s been a bit of a battle at times juggling our respective work and Council commitments with her home all the time but for the most part it’s been pretty good.

The best parts are finding things to do like cooking…choc chip cookies, popcorn, vanilla cupcakes, bread rolls. Other activities included making things for Easter like bunny ears, Easter egg holders, colouring Easter bunny activity, among other things. All supplied from her kindy…Albany Community Kindy.

We’ve also discovered the “Spark Plug” on Mt Melville and she’s been riding her pedal bike at the Marina and Emu Point.

The things we’ve missed are mini chocolate plaits from Gourmandise, strawberry ice cream, spring rolls and dumplings at the Boatshed, strawberry ice cream and playing on the playground at Handasydes and playing on playgrounds generally.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get to do those things again soon and Juliette is looking forward to seeing her friends again soon at Albany Regional Daycare and Albany Community Kindy.

I’m looking forward to sitting in for a coffee at Espresso One and riding with my cycling friends in a group rather than solo.



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