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How you can connect with your Albany Neighbours

Some of us are spending more time than we ever have in our own homes, and in our own company.

This is a great time to show compassion and friendship to those that live next door, and in our streets.

Here are some handy thing you can do, while respecting the physical distancing restrictions to connect within your street and neighbourhoods.

1. Reach out to your neighbours

The City has some handy cards that can be downloaded from the City of Albany website.

If you are able to offer assistance, then why not print out the cards and drop them in your Neighbour’s letter boxes?

2. Decorate your footpath/letterbox/window

With the closure of playgrounds, why not make something fun for those walking past your house. We've written a short article on how to join in the Albany Bear and Rainbow Hunt and how to create your own chalk paint!

  • Chalk drawings – get the kids out there creating some amazing chalk art? No kids, then why not create drawings for those walking past. Draw a hopscotch, or lines to balance on, circles to hop in. If you have no chalk here is a handy recipe to make your own

  • Crafty? Why not decorate your letter box or window. With Anzac Day approaching, you could create a wreath of homemade poppies, or flowers from the garden.

3. Organise a street Facebook Page, WhatsApp Group or join Nextdoor to connect with the broader neighbourhood.

4. Arrange for a driveway/over the fence catch up

If you know your neighbours well, why not organise a time to meet over the fence or in the driveway (maintaining physical distance) for a cuppa or something stronger?

Reaching out to your neighbours will not only help your neighbours, but it will also help yourself!

Do you have other good ideas to share? Why not share them with us!

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