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3 ways to support your local brunch and dinner spot

As if the hospitality sector didn't find life hard enough, as we're aware COVID-19 is hitting them hard.

Here's 3 ways you can support your favourite local spot!

1. Buy a gift voucher

It might be a slight risk to you, but it's bound to pay off in the long run.

Buying a gift voucher helps them keep up their cash flow short term, and bonus for you - you've got date night prepared months in advance!

2. Get take-away!

Loads of Albany restaurants and cafes have made the move to delivery or takeaway. Help keep staff employed and businesses running by buying a meal out once a week.

Check out who's open here

3. Buy merchandise, gifts and things you can use at home

Some of cafes and restaurants will have coffee beans, tote bags, shirts, reusable cups and more for sale!

These don't expire, so get your next gift somewhere local to keep your money local.

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